News of the Break In

Whilst we have no further news at present on the break in on Sunday evening, two of our Year 6 girls, Niamh, Leah and Chloe have written recounts of the events on Monday in school, one of which is a newspaper article. All credit to the girls as these articles were written in their own time at home on Monday evening, proving that the pupils are concerned about events and would like their laptops back!

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Break In!

This is not what we expected to be reporting as our first school blog entry.

Unfortunately, on Sunday evening, we had a break in into school and three of the children’s laptops were stolen. Police have been informed and this afternoon we had a Crime Scene Investigator in school dusting the area for fingerprints and we are hopeful that the laptops will be recovered.

School would be grateful for any information regarding this matter if it should come to light.

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