Day 2 France 2014 – Tuesday

Survival skills
As soon as we’d had our breakfast we went outside the chateu and lined up in our team groups. Then we split up, 2 groups doing team games and 1 group learning survival skills. I was in the group doing team games first and we played 5 main games. Firstly we played rounders and cricket which was pretty similar but both really fun and exciting. Next we played a game called sharky,sharky,fishy,fishy where it started of as just one person being the shark but every time the shark tug one of the fish, the fish would become another shark. After that we played lots more games until it was time to swap over and do survival skills. First (in survival skills) we talked about the 5 main things you would need to think about to survive in the wild. Rescue, warmth, shelter, food and water. Then after talking about how you would find food and water, we begun to build a shelter in teams, boys against girls. The girls built a teepee de sign but the boys won with a kind of tent design. Finally, we all had a go at making a spark that would make a fire.
Both the games and the skills were really fun and I’d definitely do it again!
By Leah R

I loved the chocolate factory it was brilliant. This man showed 2 schools how to make chocolate and how you make the coco beans ready, so you can add the coco beans to the mixture to make chocolate. We got to try some! It was really nice. Jade is allergic to nuts so she had to have different chocolate which didn’t have any traces of nuts. Anyhow when the our school had finished. buying from the shop, we bought some chocolate.
I would love to come to the chocolate factory again soon.
By Jessica

Later on this afternoon, we enjoyed a drink or a ice cream in a lovely local town square sat around the fountain.

We Have Arrived!

Just to let you all know that we have had a wonderful journey to the Chateau, all are now fed and watered and enjoying Chateau activities. Dinner consisted of a choice of beef, fish or chicken with pasta or frites with vegetables, followed by chocolate mousse, bread and cheese. The weather is lovely and warm an we have to say the children’s behavior throughout the whole journey has been exemplary. we are so proud of them and looking forward to a lovely week.
Tomorrow, we will have activities on site, survival and team activities followed by lunch and visits to the chocolate factory and the goat farm.

Visit from Jones the Builders

On Tuesday this week, we had a visit from the foreman, from Jones the Builders on Chorley New Road to tell the children about the dangers of playing on a building site. Although this is not a major issue on the site, it is very useful and important for our children to be aware of the dangers associated with these areas. For example, he explained how easy it is to get into serious trouble or gain serious injury from something as simple as trying to retrieve a football that has gone over the fence. We need to be aware that there are many dangers involved on a building site from falling bricks, to dangerous gas canisters and chemicals.