McMillan Coffee Morning

A huge thank you to everyone who were able to attend the coffee morning today.  We had an amazing turn out which was so lovely to see.   Can we also say a big thank you to everyone who has bought raffle tickets over the last few weeks.  We have raised a fantastic amount of money (which is still being counted and we will update you with a total later)

Please enjoy looking at a few photos from the morning.

Reception Class Green Day October 2016

On October 7th 2016 we had our annual Green Day.  Reception class enjoyed a day packed with activities.  We learnt about road safety with Lollypop Linda & Julie. We did some outside learning with Mrs Jordan making art pictures using leaves. We did food tasting with Lynda from ASDA, learnt about safety of dogs with Mrs Crouch and planted potatoes in our outside planters.

France – Day 4

The weather today is glorious! This morning we had the Rue tour where the children became familiar with the history of the Chateau and the surrounding town. The Nazi occupation of the Chateau fitted perfectly with our History topic and they were fascinated by the stories of escaping prisoners , elephants and drop spiders ( a variety known only to Rue)!
Lunch was back on site with a choice of salad, tuna, chicken nuggets, crispy potatoes and pasta and, as usual, as much bread and juice as they like.
A good run around after lunch before getting on the coach to go to the Grottes de Naours, a series of underground caves used to house the villagers during the German occupation. The caves have a constant temperature of 9.5 degrees all year round. This was somewhat of a contrast to the 20 degrees and clear blue sky that greeted us on our return from down under!
Tonights activities will be team games followed by a suitcase packing and room tidy competition. We feel this may be the most stressful evening for staff after a lovely few days of activities.
As usual, we are very proud of our children. Their behaviour has been absolutely wonderful, they have all joined in with big smiles on their faces and have been a joy to be with!

France – Day 3

After a doubtful start to the day knowing that Le Tour De France was going to be in the same area as us, it turns out we have had a fabulous day! We have seen everything that was originally planned AND WE CAUGHT THE TOUR IN ALBERT on our return!!!!!
The WW1 museum at Albert was a very interesting underground visit depicting life in the trenches on all sides, finishing with a simulation of a trench in the dark of night being attacked by the enemy.
From Albert we went to the Lochnagar Crater which was the first mine of the Battle of the Somme causing a huge crater in the earth.
Following on from this we changed our schedule and went directly to Beaumont-Hamel where we had lunch and then visited the trenches of the front line dug by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. What an interesting and enthralling visit for all.
We should then have been making our way home on the understanding that we culd be very late due to road closures for the Tour de France. However, Rob, our brilliant coach driver decided to take a chance on returning to Albert on the off chance that we might just catch the race going through the town. What a brilliant call by him as we arrived and could hear tannoys in the distance through town. After a short sprint we reached the barriers with about two minutes to spare before the riders came flying through the town to much cheering with our children waving their hats!
A fantastic, exciting end to an absolutely action packed day!

Blog Posts for France Trip

God evening parents, please don’t worry if you cannot see your message to the children after it has been posted. It will not show on the blog until it has been approved by me. This is standard blogging procedure to avoid any spam getting through and ensuring only the appropriate messages show.
Many thanks for your comments, the children are really enjoying hearing from you!
Tomorrow we are off to the Battlefields of The Somme for the day.

Day 2 – Etaples Market and Berck Dur Mer

Well the children all had a good night’s sleep and had a hearty breakfast before setting off for a tough morning shopping at Etaples market. Lots of lovely presents have been purchased at the market for some very lucky relatives!
We had to have a change in the itinerary as we realised that our planned visit to Abbeville Market coincided with the start of the stage 6 of Le Tour De France from the town centre meaning we would probably not be able to get anywhere near the town! As a result of this, market day was changed to Tuesday and the Rue tour and Caves will be visited on Thursday.
After a packed lunch provided by the Chateau the children visited Berck Sur Mer and the sweet factory where all the children were able to make a lollipop in the shape of an animal. Some new species of animals have been discovered today! This was followed by some time on the beach to run off a bit of energy!
The weather today had not been as glorious an yesterday, cloudy with a little drizzle but nothing that would put us off our activities.
Tonight, the Chateau activity is the campfire activity so hopefully no complaints about being cold!

Our visit to Claypool School

This afternoon our Year 5 and Year 6 children were invited to watch Claypool’s production of Macbeth. We were a ‘pilot’ audience before the pupils perform in front of parents on Monday.
What can we say, the pupils had done an amazing job of learning their lines and putting themselves in their characters shoes. The costumes were fantastic and the use of modern songs within the play really got the audience hooked.
Well done Claypool School, we look forward to enjoying more performances in the future!
The very best of luck for your performance on Monday evening!

Day 4 – Market and Caves

Today at the market in Rue, money was definitely spent! The groups separated and we all went to different stalls. There were sweet stalls, watch stalls, clothes stalls and all other stalls you can think of! It was very sunny like always. There was a cathedral and we went in it, it was big. Mr Hough’s group and Mrs Richardson group did a prayer for Mrs Crouch. Then we went to meet the other groups and we showed each other what we got then we waited on the wall were we got off the coach. Then the coach finally came it seemed forever we all got on and then we went to a sort of service and had FOOD. Now were on our way to the caves.

We have been to the market today . We all had a grate time p.s shelin Kane I have bought lots and lots of loom bands!!!!lol we had a great time and had lot’s of fun and we are on are way to the cave . From Tjay Kane y6 .

We are on our way to the caves now.It has been great weather all day!!We went to the market today,it was really fun because we all got what we wanted and enjoyed looking around.After the market we got back on the coach and stopped for lunch.Ham or cheese sandwiches and crisps and a chocolate bar with a munch needed bottle of water!!!!
From Charlotte Davin Year6.

We’re now on our back from the caves, it was amazing ( scary.) All of us were separated into different groups and began to explored the caves. Before we actually entered the caves each of us had to wear a type of phone Round there necks. The moment you pressed in the number (which was nailed to the wall), it would tell you all about the room you were in, at that moment in time. The phone told you about the history of the caves, and how it was actually an underground town in the war. There was lots of different rooms, all of which consisted of buildings in an actual villages. When enemy German soldiers came, the children led them to a trap which made them bang their heads, and they were then greeted by villagers. Then we went to a museum, where we saw the workers of the villages.

By Sam  and Niamh

Day 3 – Rue tour, goat farm and the beach

Today has been a very busy day for the children and they have had no time to blog! After breakfast it was straight on with the tour of Rue which is always very interesting and informative and included elephants and drop spiders! This lasted for the full morning and we arrived back at the chateau to go straight in for lunch which was salad, ham and pizza followed by a waffle.
From lunch we jumped on the coach to be taken to the goat farm where we tried caramel wafers before meeting all the goats. A few chewed jumpers later, and a few kisses for the goats from the boys who shall remain nameless, we then spent time cuddling the baby goats and chicks before learning how to make goats cheese. Yet again the children were complimented on the behavior, asking questions and attempting to translate Madames french.
An hour on the beach in the sun for a relax or a run around was just the ticket before heading back to the chateau for a dinner of lamb, fish or chicken with vegetables followed by chocolate mousse.
The children are now currently enjoying their Chateau activities which tonight is a quiz.