St Mary’s Talent Show

What a great start to the Talent Show with the return of The Legend…Aidan!
The first act was Edward and Chloe, great dance to the song Frozen which got everyone singing. Big cheer and very creative!
Dead Phantom, my brother’s act. They were much better than I thought they would be. The year 5 act was Bass Queen which had many dancers and was ‘Strictly lovely darling!’ There was a big, and I mean BIG reaction from everyone. After Bass Queen we had the Year 2 girls, singing and dancing to Uptown Funk
Year 6’s turn arrived and we had Sam, come on Sam! Great piano playing! This was followed the year 4 Gymnastics crew who were very good, extremely flexible…perfect!
Year 1 girls were singing For The First Time In Forever mixed with Let it Go. What an amazing performance from the younger children.
Next we had Amara singing Bang Bang and dancing. Another amazing performance, so amazing even the teachers were joining in. She has a lot of confidence, well done Amara!
The Souls Sisters from Year 5 sang and danced to Ghost by Ella Henderson. A great performance.
Reception class all stood at the front and sang the The Enormous Turnip in front of the whole school which must have been very scary for them.
Lucy in Y6 expertly played the violin and what a peaceful and calming piece of music it was.
More instruments, we had Robyn on guitar and singing Cecelia and Lillie from year 1 on the recorder playing Hot cross buns! What musical talents they have!
Jessica from Year 5 showed us some attitude singing Lips Are Moving. She’s got all the moves!
Two talented and flexible girls from Year 1 showed us some excellent gymnastics moves which was followed by Erin from Year 6 showing us what a beautiful singing voice she has by singing Somewhere Only We Know, accompanied by Becky on the piano.
Lois from Year 4 has a wonderful talent for poetry delivery and what a very humorous poem she read!
Final act of the morning was the Year 4 boys with their version of Uptown Funk. We had Harley on the vocals and Thomas and Dylan were his backing crew. They certainly had the whole audience rocking and clapping. They were awesome and what a great way to end a morning of showing off all the wonderfully talented children we have in our school.

By Joe T and Jessica M

St Mary’s Talent Show

On Friday afternoon, the whole school gathered in the hall to watch the talent competition which again was compered by the fabulously creative and humorous Aidan from Year 6!
All the acts were fantastic and all credit goes to them for having the confidence to perform in front of a huge audience. I put this down, in part, to the fact that, as a school community, we have such respect and support for our peers that children feel confident to perform in front of each other. What a wonderful spectrum of talent God has given to all our pupils at St Mary’s!

Brass and Percussion Concert

Yesterday, our very talented Key Stage 2 children showcased their musical skills in a concert for the whole school. It was a wonderful 30 minutes of music with children who have only begun lessons in September showing us what they can do, right through to our accomplished players in Year 6 who have been playing for three  years.

Well done to all, we are very proud of you!

Brass and Percussion Concert from Angela Richardson on Vimeo.