Leading Learner and child of the week

IMG_4376What another fantastic end to the week.

Certificates given to children for producing good work. Also good team work within the class.

One child  in reception given a certificate for explaining to the rest of the class the difference between a square and a triangle.

Well done to all the children keep up the good work!


Our stars

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KS1 Stars of the week

Maisie – Jane – for being brave and not giving up.

Georgia – Fantastic manners at  all times.

Amelia – getting on and not fussing.

Leading learners

Jessica – supporting her friend during a swimming lesson.

Alex – Maths work on 3D shapes.

Lucas – for having a fantastic week.

Adam – getting on and setting a good example.


KS2 Stars of the week

Faye – super English

Vincent – lovely manners when walking around school.

Shannon – positive attitude in her work and towards others.

Lois – fantastic maths and not giving up.

Leading Learners

James – helping others in the poetry assembly

Joseph R – good manners on the corridor.

Mia – helping others with their learning.

Piotr – helping others within the class.

Lucas was put forward for this award by another child for helping him with his fix it.

Well done to all the children who received awards this week.

Our Stars – Year5 – 16.9.16


What a wonderful start in year 5. We are all very impressed with the children’s behaviour, willingness to learn and how kind the children are to each other.

Stars of the week
Showing good behaviour at all times.

Leading Learners
Being wonderful role models and always ready to learn. Always joining in, encouraging others.

Star of the week
Excellent work in maths. Keep up the fantastic work.

Leading learner
Supporting others this week also setting a good example.
Well done to all the children a fantastic start.