France – Day 4

The weather today is glorious! This morning we had the Rue tour where the children became familiar with the history of the Chateau and the surrounding town. The Nazi occupation of the Chateau fitted perfectly with our History topic and they were fascinated by the stories of escaping prisoners , elephants and drop spiders ( a variety known only to Rue)!
Lunch was back on site with a choice of salad, tuna, chicken nuggets, crispy potatoes and pasta and, as usual, as much bread and juice as they like.
A good run around after lunch before getting on the coach to go to the Grottes de Naours, a series of underground caves used to house the villagers during the German occupation. The caves have a constant temperature of 9.5 degrees all year round. This was somewhat of a contrast to the 20 degrees and clear blue sky that greeted us on our return from down under!
Tonights activities will be team games followed by a suitcase packing and room tidy competition. We feel this may be the most stressful evening for staff after a lovely few days of activities.
As usual, we are very proud of our children. Their behaviour has been absolutely wonderful, they have all joined in with big smiles on their faces and have been a joy to be with!

36 thoughts on “France – Day 4

  1. Only one more sleep until you’re home. I’m glad you are having fun over in France but I’m also glad that you’ll be back soon. Can’t wait to hear all your stories Nathan. I bet you’ve got a lovely tan with all that sunshine. Enjoy your last day and I’ll see you soon. Love you loads. Xxx

  2. Hi Mia
    Looks like you’ve had another great day! We can’t wait to here all about it.
    Enjoy the last night and day.
    Missing you loads, car journey to and from work have been quiet but at least I get to pick the station.
    See you tomorrow
    Love Mum, Dad, Pat, Jake and Millie xxx

  3. Hello Nathan and all, well this is your last night before heading home tomorrow. You have had a great few days and will bring home many memories as you move on to High School. Can’t wait to hear all about it. I’ve loved the pics every night and being able to send you messages. Enjoy tonight (packing). Please bring everything home! A massive thank you to all the staff that have made it possible. I’m sure you kids would like to thank them also. I’m so glad to hear you’ve all been on your best behaviour. Looking forward to seeing you. Have a safe and enjoyable journey home tomorrow. Love you loads Nathan. Take care>xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Another brilliant day today. Matty two things, firstly socks and Simpsons socks – what’s all that about?!? And secondly dad wants to know did you sleep the whole of the tour of the caves? The photos looked like you were having a quick nap

    We’ve loved following your adventures and you will bring back some lovely memories but I’m ready for you to come home now nobody can cope with my chatting the way you do. Callum is hiding from me .

    Enjoy your last night and safe journey home xxx

    P.S. Thank you to all the teachers for looking after Y6 so well x

  5. It looks like you’re having a great time! We’ll miss you at the wedding; Joe was devastated that his Spanish butler didn’t have a chance to do his magic tricks. Mum says that Delia |Moneypenny will taxi you to the evening do in her flash Peugeot 107. We will see you tomorrow. Love Em xx

  6. Hi Jessica and gang. Love the blog and pictures (although we can’t see much of you on today’s piccy’s Jess) Your hamsters are driving mum and dad crazy, at 2am this morning dad had to get up and take both their hamster wheels out because Hammy and Chubbers were having a competition with each other to see who could run the longest whilst making the most noise. They were making so much noise we thought people were messing about outside. Hope you’re loving France and all the places you’ve been to. Enjoy your last evening. Miss and love you loads and loads, can’t wait to see you tomorrow night, from Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  7. Looks like yet another great day, we can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home. We hope you have lots of memories of your trip and had a great time with your friends and teachers. Have a lovely final evening and we are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Don’t forget to try the snails tomorrow, yuuummm delicious with garlic and butter. Missing you lots xxx Mum and Dad

    Also ……
    Thanks to all the teachers who have made the trip a success and for taking time to keep us updated with great photos and of course, Rob the coach driver. Have a safe journey home.

  8. Hi Luca, hope your not still wearing Mondays socks! Only kidding, just spotted you on the pictures. Again, it looks like you are having a splendid time. Enjoy your last sleep and French breakfast. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Love mum x

  9. Another amazing day, and George, I finally saw your gorgeous face instead of the back off your head!

    Thanks to the cameraman/lady

    Safe journey home everyone

    Love mummy and Amber

  10. WOW!!!!! Year 6 & Staff.
    Looks like your week has been amazing.
    I have loved looking at the blog and seeing all your smiles.

    Only one more night of fun. Enjoy!!!!

    Have a safe journey home, can’t wait to hear all your news. Xxxx

    See you Monday
    Mrs Sherlock x

  11. Bon Soir Joe,

    Nice to see the sun made an appearance. Its sunny here too! Those caves dont look very comfy, but really interesting. Mum is baking your cake as we speak, you wouldnt mind if we started eating it tonight would you?? We’re all really looking forward to seeing you and your new Frenchy ways tomorrow night. And before you ask, no you wont have time to play on the xbox as soon as you get back 😉

    Really enjoy your last night and see you tomorrow mate,

    Mum, Dad and James

  12. Hi Robbie.

    You look like you’re having a great time and the weather looks fab.

    Hope you’re getting the chance to use all of your French phrases !!
    We’re all really missing you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Hope you’ve taken some good photos !! Have a safe journey home. The x-box is waiting !!
    Love you loads.
    Dad, Mum, Eddie and Libby xxxxxxx

  13. Hello Nicole. Well it looks like you’ve had another great day. Love seeing the pictures (thanks mrs Richardson) although it seems you hide from the camera as your not on many 🙂 well I think I’ve done as I’m told and not put anything to embarrass you. Enjoy your time left in France. Eeeeekkk I’m going to see you tomorrow, I’m going to squeeze your little head off ! (Sorry I’m just a tad excited) can’t wait to hear all the stories.
    Love you loads baby. From mum and dad xxxxx

  14. Hi Fynn, Looks like another wonderful day judging by the pictures, enjoy your evening and please try to bring everything home with you!!!!! we’ll be waiting for you at school lots of love xx
    ps A huge thank you to the photographer (aka Mrs Richardson I think who’s brought the holiday to life for us), all the staff and of course Rob the driver

  15. Good night Sammy! Good luck packing your case, cant wait to have you back-its far too quiet here. Say thank you to your teachers and coach driver as I’m sure you’ve all been driving them mad! Alex wants you to come to his gig on Sat, I think you will like the burgers there, love mum & dad xx

  16. One final blog and huge thanks to all the teachers both still in school and those in France that has made this week a very special one for Y6. A trip like this takes a huge lot of planning and re-planning until everything is sorted down to the minutest detail ( I know, I’ve done it), so well done to everyone involved. Memories like these will last a lifetime, I never had such a fabulous opportunity so Y6 are a very lucky bunch. Jessica, I hope your Antarctican friend has enjoyed the trip too and he makes it home safely… All have a fabulous and safe journey home tomorrow. From Jessics’s dad xxx

  17. Hi Evan,
    You must have stayed at the Chateau today as you’re not on any of the photos?!
    It was great to speak to you tonight but am looking forward to seeing you more tomorrow. Enjoy your last night and see you really soon. Thanks to all the staff involved with this trip. Lots of love to you and Owen, from Mum, Dad and the girls xx


  19. Hi Callum and everyone!
    It’s great to see more of your adventures, Nana and Granpy have loved looking as well – they say ‘Hi’. Granpy has gone on his camping trip today, luckily we finally got some sun too!
    ………….That was good timing – you rang while I was in the middle of writing this 🙂 brilliant to speak to you, I can tell you’re loving it!
    You’ll be back in sunny Horwich before you know it (and then you’ll miss France), so have lots of fun tonight and tomorrow. You can have a lie-in Saturday morning then it’s Dad’s, Auntie Kath’s and Uncle Stephen’s party!!
    See you very soon, lots of love, Mum, Dad, Millie, Ella & Judd (he’s wondering where you are as he hasn’t been getting as much tummy tickling!!)
    P.S. Don’t forget to thank your teachers, classmates and Rob the driver for making sure you had the best time ever!!

  20. Hi Frankie and everyone.
    Lovely to speak to you just now and hear your voice. Glad you are having a good time and can’t believe you have eaten a frog’s leg! You turn your nose up at a prawn but eat a frog’s leg no problem. Hope your last night is the best yet. We all can’t wait to see you and give you the biggest hug ever. Thanks to all the teachers and Rob the coach driver for looking after you. Have a safe journey home. Love you very, very much. Mum, Dad, Luca and of course, The Mont xxxx

  21. Hi Marcus lovely to hear from you. Picture’s are fantastic hope you enjoy your last night. Good luck with the packing haha. Manage to sort the Internet without you, I am getting good. Looking forward to seeing you we have all missed you so much. Lots of love mum and dad and becky xxxxx

  22. Hi Seb and all year 6,

    Its been great to read all about your adventures over the past few days. I hope you will all remember this time before you branch off to St Jo’s and remenber what a great class of friends you have been and I hope you remain. V proud of you all and cannot believe its only one more week until the end of primary school xxxxxxxx

    Gabriella :-
    hello seb i love yuo and i miss you. I hope you are havinf a super good time!!! From your favourite girl in the world – Gabriella xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers for looking after our children it is much appreciated xx Barbara and Tony Loftus

  24. Can’t wait for you to get back home Lucy so we can have big cuddles on the sofa. I’m really missing you lots and lots. Big hugs from Rolo. Wuff wuff! xxx

  25. Hi Erin, just read your message. So you liked the frogs legs! I know what to put in your packed lunch sandwiches from now on! Enjoy every minute. Love mum dad Niall Eth and Faye xxxxx

  26. What an absolutely superb trip you have all been privileged to go on. Don’t know where you were today Jessica as I couldn’t see you on any photos lol. I hope you haven’t been sick eating loads of frog’s legs and snails (sorry – escargots). The teachers have done such a magnificent job organizing the tours and as I have said before I will visit the WW1 sites someday. I thought about your trip today as something was on the news tonight about the 30,000th playing of “The Last Post” at the memorial gate which honours the fallen of the great war. May you all thoroughly enjoy packing and I will reiterate what your dad sad about your Antarctican friend enjoying himself and I hope he can get another stamp in his passport. Safe journey home and I will be there with your mum and dad when you get home tomorrow night. Also, your driver Rob deserves a huge pat on the back for what he has done and especially ensuring you all managed to see the Tour de France cyclists passing through the town. Au revoir Year 6.

  27. Hi Owen
    Looks like another fun-packed, amazing day. It was great to speak to you – I can tell you’re having a fab time. Frogs legs and snails for tea it is then Owen this weekend!? Enjoy the last night of freedom with your friends. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Thanks to all the staff who have made it such a great experience – I bet they’re ready for a break when they get back! Have a safe journey home. See you soon. Love to you and Evan, from mum, dad and Al xxxxx

  28. Hi Lucy & Y6, another fabulous day by the sounds of it- we can’t wait to hear all your tales. Have a very safe journey home, We can’t wait to see you.
    Loads of love Mum & Dad. Xxxxx

  29. Hi Georgia
    So lovely to see you having a lovely time and enjoying yourself. Counting the minutes until you come back! Your new house awaits you and so looking forward to hearing about all that you have done! Zain asks about you every day. Have a safe journey home and Daddy & Farnaz cannot wait to see your beautiful face and cuddle you again! Lots and lots of love, Daddy, Farnaz, Zain & Naomi xxx

  30. Well Tom, looks like you had a really busy day today. Bet you had nuggets for tea ! Have a lovely last night, can’t wait to see you tomorrow and listen to all the wonderful things you have done this week. Enjoy the snail farm tomorrow but please don’t bring any home. Love & miss you lots Mum, Dad and Jake. ( yes your brother is really missing you ! ) xxxxxxxx

  31. Forgot to mention earlier, thank you so much to all the teachers and Ian the driver for looking after you and making your little holiday so much fun. You are all great xx

  32. Hi Callum/Mrs Richardson,
    Please can you remember to take a travel tablet – just in case! Thanks 🙂
    Safe journey home!! x

  33. Hiya Nelly, another busy day for you all. Hope you enjoyed going down in the caves, and underground where they use to live during the war. We have all missed you and can’t wait to see you tonight . All the kids are excited to see you later, have a safe trip home. love you loads mum and dad xxxxxx

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