France – Day 3

After a doubtful start to the day knowing that Le Tour De France was going to be in the same area as us, it turns out we have had a fabulous day! We have seen everything that was originally planned AND WE CAUGHT THE TOUR IN ALBERT on our return!!!!!
The WW1 museum at Albert was a very interesting underground visit depicting life in the trenches on all sides, finishing with a simulation of a trench in the dark of night being attacked by the enemy.
From Albert we went to the Lochnagar Crater which was the first mine of the Battle of the Somme causing a huge crater in the earth.
Following on from this we changed our schedule and went directly to Beaumont-Hamel where we had lunch and then visited the trenches of the front line dug by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. What an interesting and enthralling visit for all.
We should then have been making our way home on the understanding that we culd be very late due to road closures for the Tour de France. However, Rob, our brilliant coach driver decided to take a chance on returning to Albert on the off chance that we might just catch the race going through the town. What a brilliant call by him as we arrived and could hear tannoys in the distance through town. After a short sprint we reached the barriers with about two minutes to spare before the riders came flying through the town to much cheering with our children waving their hats!
A fantastic, exciting end to an absolutely action packed day!

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  1. Super pictures of what must have been a very emotional trip to the WW1 battlefields and trenches. It was for me just looking at them and what a bonus to see the Tour de France passing close by.
    Jessica, your mum and dad came round last night to borrow a hammer so goodness knows what your bedroom is going to be like when you get home. (Actually, I have seen it and it’s looking great). Enjoy the rest of your stay. Love from grandma and grandad.

  2. Wow, what a day you’ve had ! Sure sounds fun packed ! I’ve really missed you today Nicole, I’ve been checking all the time for updates :)) it feels like it was ages ago I saw you. I’m so happy your having such a great experience, making memories you’ll remember forever. Enjoy every minute. Love you so much sweetheart xxxx mum xxxx

  3. Hi Nathan
    WOW! What another fab day had by all. You certainly looked like you were enjoying it.WW1 museum, Battle of Somme mine and the Lochnagar Crater. I can’t believe you also got to see the Tour De France. Well done driver. I bet your all very tired having so much fun. Pictures fab as always Mrs Richardson. Looking forward to tomorrows blog. Have a good time tonight. Love you. xx

  4. Hi Mia.
    Wow, what an amazing day you have all had. Patrick will love listening to all the history you have learnt today.
    I bet the bikes went past as quick as the super bikes!
    We are love the photos, enjoy your evening activities tonight.
    Missing you. Love Mum, Dad, Pat, Jake & Millie xxx

  5. Wow, I’m very jealous about you all seeing the Tour today. People camped out overnight to see it in Yorkshire last year and you saw on the way back from an awesome day – nice work! Bet you’re all looking forward to the snails tomorrow, yum yum 😉

    Joe, Frank has finished your hair gel and is now nibbling on your united shirt, she’s eaten the ‘r’ so now it just says ‘ooney’. Sorry about that. Mum says she’ll keep her away from your cake.

    Really looking forward to seeing you soon, lots of love,

    Mum, Dad and James

  6. What a busy and exciting day you’ve all had, can’t wait to hear all the stories of your adventures. The weather doesn’t look as good today but there’s still lots of happy faces!
    Hope you’re using your camera Evan, to help remember everything you’ve seen. I’m even missing nagging you to get off your Xbox at night, this proves you can go a week without your Xbox!! Enjoy the caves tomorrow Evan and Owen, Love Mum, Dad, Rob and Ruby xx

  7. Hi Jessica, wow, what a fantastic day it looks like you have all had. We are very jealous. Visiting the war graves and trenches is something mum and dad has never been and done yet, but maybe one day. Life at home isn’t the same without you, we can now sit down on the settee without having to tidy up a seating area first. AND we can go in the fridge and still find stuff in it to eat. Back to normal on Friday though. Miss you more and more each day. Loads and loads and loads of Love from Mum and Dad.. P.S., Jess and Rosie are quiet tonight, they must have been up to some mischief. xxxx

  8. Hi nicole,
    Sounds like your having a lovely time and I’m missing you so much, feels so quiet without you around the house. Love you loads and loads and I hope you have an amazing next couple of days, looking forward to see you soon.
    Lots of love ell x

  9. Bonjour ma classe,

    Still so many happy faces on the photos…I am glad you are enjoying your stay in France and I can’t believe how much you have already seen and done.

    I remember seeing the Tour de France once when I was very young- it’s an amazing sight and you were very lucky to be part of it.

    I missed you all this afternoon (as there was no class) but I hope you keep practising your French. Are you fluent yet???

    All my love
    Madame Carr x

  10. Good call from Rob the driver! Two years running seeing Cav whizz by Johnny, good work! Hi to Rob the Nephew, too. You both look like you are having a great time. Make the most of it xxx
    Grandpa says “Hi!” to you both. He has looked at the photos, too.

  11. Hello Nathan and year 6. I can’t believe that your trip is half way through already. It must have been very exciting to see the Tour de France. What a fantastic surprise for you all! Miss you Nathan and can’t wait to go to the cinema when you get back. Xxx

  12. Well Lucy & Y6 I am so jealous of you all! It sounds like you’ve had a fabulous adventure today, you must surely be tired after all that action! Hope tomorrow is just as good!
    Love from Mum & Dad

  13. Hi Nicole hope you having a great time and hope the fire alarm didn’t go off like it did for us lol xxxx


  15. Hi Tiana I have enjoyed watching you all on your days out. I am glad you are all having a fab time can’t wait for you to tell me all about it. Looking forward to seeing you soon love you loads mum ❤️Xxx

  16. Wow another amazing day for you all! I’m so glad you saw Tour de France, I saw it on my school trip many many years ago in Deauville. I bet it was very interesting seeing the Somme battlefield and trenches and a little sad! On a happy note Roger Federer and Andy Murray are through to the semis at Wimbledon (oh no! who will I support??) and you will happy to know Sharapova is through as well 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the next lot of photos, love you and miss you especially Louie who has been looking for you every time we say your name xxxx love Mum, Dad and Louie xxxx

  17. Hi Nathan, Glad your having a good time. Hope you get my post before bed. Love you loads. Enjoy and take care. xxx

  18. Hi Frankie and gang. You are such a lucky bunch to have seen the Tour de France. Hope you got some pics. Dad is very jealous as he has to watch it on tv. I wonder if you saw the big crash they had? Today looked like it was a really interesting day. I would have loved it. Can’t wait to hear all the details when you get back. We are all missing you so much and I am particularly missing our girly chats and snuggles.
    We really look forward to the pics on the blog so thank you Mrs Richardson.
    Love you so, so much and missing you more than ever. Enjoy the rest of you trip.
    Love mum, dad, Luca and The mont. xxx

    p.s. Don’t worry. I haven’t allowed Luca to run free in your room.

  19. Hi Sam

    What a great day you have all had! Must have been brilliant to see the bikes flying past…
    Milo still wondering where you are. We can’t wait to see you and hear all about your trip..Joe is staying up on Friday for when you get back,he’s bored without you and is missing you loads as are we!!!
    Look forward to the next blog and all have a great day tomorrow!!!
    Lots of love Mum Dad Joe and Milo XXXX

  20. Hello Nathan, It looks like you’re having a great time. We’re loving look at the photos. Missing you loads pal. Mum & Dave.

    P.S. Your bedroom is still nice and tidy 🙂

  21. Hi Nicole,hope you have a great time and hope the fire alarm didn’t go off like it did for us lol xxxx

  22. Bonjour Sebastian,

    Comment ca va.

    Looks like you are having a great time. I bet that you loved today seeing all the war memorials and history. Did you remember to look for nana’s Grandad?
    I would like to say it’s quiet without you but Gabriella is making up for you with extra whining. Chandler is missing you and Dunkie is still alive 🙂
    This is the second time Ive tried to blog as Gabriella did the last one and I can see that it has not appeared, so no idea what she has done there.

    We all miss you and love you loads and cant wait to see you on Friday. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Mum, Gabriella, Gran and Papa xxxxx

  23. Hope you’re having a great time and you are not too tired 🙂 Tell me how the frogs legs and snails were……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    From Ethan

  24. Hi Evan and Owen and all Year 6. You look like you are having an amazing time in France and what a day today, wow. We enjoy seeing the photos every night and hearing what you have done during the day. What a great experience. Miss you loads guys. See you soon.
    Lots of love Grandma & Grandad xxx

  25. Hello there everyone!
    Gosh, I bet you are all tired after another busy day! It is amazing to see the photos, it’s a great to see you all. The new visit looks very interesting and a great experience. It’s lovely to see Mrs Christian in the photos. I hope everyone is well. Don’t you have the option of frogs legs and snails tomorrow night? I’m sure Reception will be able to find some in the garden and rustle them up in the red kitchen on your return, yum! They want to hear all about it on your return. Love to all Mrs D x

  26. Hi Sam (and everyone else),
    It looks like you had a really captivating day and I am so so so sooooooooooo jealous you saw the Tour de France going through Albert; did you see Froome? Was it a bit like the Horwich bike races with your Team St-Marys?
    Love from Dad (& Mum and Bros)x

    p.s. Uncle Joe has pinched your room – but don’t worry we will chuck him out on Friday… lol!

  27. Hi George

    What an amazing day you have had.

    Mummy loves you and miss you loads

    Only one more sleep xx enjoy xx

  28. Hi Callum,
    We miss you so much. We can see you are having lots of fun in the photos. We hope we get to go when we are in year 6 🙂 love Millie xxxxxxxxxx <3
    Are you going to eat snails and frogs legs? yuk!!!!! I saw you have a good time on the sand, did you make sandcastles? see you soon love from Ella 🙂 xxxxxx
    It's brilliant looking at the pictures of your fantastic trip – wear your fluorescent T-shirt tomorrow and then we can spot you more easily!! Make the most of your last full day – I'm sure time's flying by with all that you're packing into your stay. Dad is looking forward to hearing all about your visit to the front line! Have fun! Love Mum & Dad xx

  29. Hi Marcus and everyone hope you enjoyed Day 3 of your trip. There are some fantastic pictures of you all. We cant wait to hear about your adventures in France. I bet you wont be eating snails for tea. I hope you have another fantastic day tomorrow, thinking of you and love you so much Mum and Dad xxx

  30. Hi everyone.
    Wow! What an exciting day you’ve all had. We can’t wait to hear all your stories Owen when you get back. Dad is very jealous as he would love to have visited the WW1 museum. Hope you took lots of pics – of interesting things not just selfies! The house is very quiet without you and the fridge is still full! Have a fantastic time at the caves tomorrow. Al says thanks for letting him play on your xbox! Missing you and Ev. Love mum, dad and Al. Xxxx

  31. Bonjour Frankie,

    We are loving reading about what are have been up to, sounds amazing!
    We hope you are having fun with your friends and not missing home too much.
    It’s pouring down so make sure you enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Grandpa is having a great time in Leeds! Big hugs xxxx

  32. Hi Tom and all of year 6. looks like you had a really interesting day today, I bet it was cold in the underground trenches, nice to see you actually wearing your coat Tom ! Loving all the photos, looking forward to more tomorrow. Cant wait to hear all about it when you get back, lots of love Mum, Dad and Jake xxxxx

  33. Glad you are having such a good time Luc. Have another great day tomorrow and I’ll see you on Friday Lots of love Mum xx

  34. Hiya Chanel, i have posted a comment on the bottom of day two, having just been watching the videos again, i have just realized it should of been on day three. sorry, hope you still get the messages! missing you loads and loads! love you, mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  35. Hi Nathan,

    What an amazing day 3 you had especially seeing the Tour de France race past, great call by the driver.

    Really pleased you’ve been to see some of the battle grounds of ww1 and the museum which I hope you found very interesting. Going to these places is a good reminder to us all what the true cost of war is and why we should never forget them.

    Emily’s has left for Germany today so the house is quiet but very tidy for a change, I’ve not stepped on a single toy car since you left. I think the cat is also having a holiday whilst your away, I’m sure she will get back to running away from you when you get home especially with your dreadful guitar playing and singing . lol

    Have great day 4, can’t wait to see the pictures.

    Lots of love, miss you loads.
    Dad & Emily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Leigh won 72-6.

  36. Hi Robbie, we are all really enjoying looking at the pictures and seeing what you’re getting up to. Can’t believe you got to see the Tour de France, so exciting and memorable! I see you have “borrowed” someone’s hoody- make sure you give it back. We are looking forward to the next instalment of your adventures tonight and we are going to try and guess what you buy at the market? We miss you lots, Mum, Dad and twins xxx

  37. Bonjour Year 6, what fun it is to visit Northern France,
    With battlefields from World War One and Tour de France by chance !
    The French eat food we’d never try with garlic, frogs and snails.
    No pudding, chips and mushy peas or leeks they eat in Wales.
    But what the heck, it could be fun to have a taste or two.
    You might speak French much better then. Voila! Comment? Bonjour.
    The memories with stay with you long after you’ve returned.
    With history and french en masse, what lessons you have learned.

  38. You look like you are having a busy day! Rhys
    It looks like you are having a good time. Finlay A
    We liked the bike race. Dylan
    Our house is quiet without Grace. Seth
    We will see you soon Reception

  39. Hi Seb,

    I hope you have a fantastic last day (don’t be sneaking any snails home though).
    Gabriella is missing you, I think she is bored of not having someone to fight with.

    Hope to speak to you tonight. Love you loads. I miss you …… mum xxxxxxxx

  40. Hi Y6,

    What an action packed day you’ve had!!!! Which city are you in at the moment?? Have you had a good time? All of us over here are very jealous but are looking forward for your return. Today we are preforming with the Halle and we are extremely nervous. How was the tour de France ??? Mrs Dewhurst asked if you’ve had frogs legs and snails????? EWWWW !!! When you went to the sweet factory did you have too many sweets ??? P.S: Bring us some back please!!!! We are all missing you and wish you were here!!
    Robyn, Maisie, Sam and all of Year 4 XXX

  41. Hello Luca , WOW what an amazing trip your having , I pomise your frog is still sat safe nd sound in the garden , I have remembered to water your plants !! Im sorry have struggled to connect to the blogg unil today . Missing you so so much , Saul is looking forward to seeing you in London on Saturday so hope your not to exhausted and ready for your next trip . God bless all my love Mum and Dad XXXXXXXXXXXX

  42. Hello Year 6! It looks as though you are having a brilliant time!
    We are all wishing we could be there too! We have enjoyed looking at your photographs, especially the museum, the crater and the Tour de France.
    It is lovely to see all your smiling faces!
    Hope you continue to have a great time!

    From Year 2

  43. Hi Beth, (and everyone) photo’s look really good, and it looks like your having a great time.
    We all miss you, Grandma and Granddad have been asking about the trip and how your getting on.
    It was great to hear you on the phone, even though it was only for a couple of minutes.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip, see you soon.

    Miss you lots
    Love Dad, xx

  44. Hi Grace,

    Grandad will be jealous you saw Tour De France, he’s been watching it all week!
    It looks like you are all having a fab time. You’ll need a week off school to recover from all the excitement!!! I am not too sure Mrs Crouch would agree?!?
    We are so looking forward to having you home. To say it has been quiet, is an understatement. We cant wait to have you home so you can tell us all the exciting things you have done. Safe Journey home everyone.
    See you tomorrow Grace, We Love you, Mum, Dad, Seth, Kevin and Gips. xxxxxxxx.

  45. Just a quick note to wish you all good night and a safe journey home tomorrow.
    Take care and see you all soon.
    Mrs Davies x

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