Day 2 – Etaples Market and Berck Dur Mer

Well the children all had a good nightโ€™s sleep and had a hearty breakfast before setting off for a tough morning shopping at Etaples market. Lots of lovely presents have been purchased at the market for some very lucky relatives!
We had to have a change in the itinerary as we realised that our planned visit to Abbeville Market coincided with the start of the stage 6 of Le Tour De France from the town centre meaning we would probably not be able to get anywhere near the town! As a result of this, market day was changed to Tuesday and the Rue tour and Caves will be visited on Thursday.
After a packed lunch provided by the Chateau the children visited Berck Sur Mer and the sweet factory where all the children were able to make a lollipop in the shape of an animal. Some new species of animals have been discovered today! This was followed by some time on the beach to run off a bit of energy!
The weather today had not been as glorious an yesterday, cloudy with a little drizzle but nothing that would put us off our activities.
Tonight, the Chateau activity is the campfire activity so hopefully no complaints about being cold!

49 thoughts on “Day 2 – Etaples Market and Berck Dur Mer

  1. Hi Frankie and everyone.
    The photos are great and so nice to see you all smiling and having fun. Hope the beach wasn’t too traumatic for you as I know you hate sand!
    Have a good time at the camp fire tonight. Missing you lots and lots and lots. Mum, Dad, Luca and The Mont. xxxxxxxx

  2. It looks like everybody had another fun packed day! I wonder what you bought Cesca? Enjoy the campfire tonight. The house is very very quiet without you! Missing you loads, bonsoir e au revoir! xxx Mum and Dad and Louie xxx

  3. Wow Y6, looks like you’ve had a busy day. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve bought Lucy B! Enjoy the camp fire and chateau activities tonight.
    Have fun.
    Love Mum & Dad. Xxx

  4. Bonjour
    Looks like another fun packed day!
    I bet you enjoyed looking for a bargain at the market Mia! Have fun at campfire.
    Love Mum, Dad, Pat, Jake and Millie xxx

  5. Looks like you’ve all had a great day today! Matty, I see you have followed in your brothers footsteps and bought a terrible hat from the market!! Looks like you made a new friend at the fish market too! Enjoy the campfire tonight. We all miss you (yes even Callum ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Can’t wait to see tomorrows pictures
    Love from Mum, Dad and Callum xx

  6. Hiya Nathan and all. Wow what a fun packed day you’ve had. Beach,market and sweets. Hope you’ve not spent up yet. Another wet day in Horwich. looks like it’s still staying nice for you. Great photos again today. Thank you Mrs Richardson. Night and take care. Enjoy!xxx

    love from luca xxxxxx

  8. Looks like another fun filled day for you all.

    It was lovely to see you on a few photographs Mia.

    I’m sure you all bought some lovely gifts from the market.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos tomorrow.

  9. Nathan Matthews Looks like you’re having fun. Enjoy the experience don’t forget to try the frogs legs and snails. Love you xxx

  10. Hi Jessica and crew. Congratulations to the teachers if they have managed to get you sat down Jess long enough to listen to this blog. Loved the pictures from yesterday and your trip out today. The party at St Mary’s is now in full swing. When I got Mrs Travers down off the school climbing frame and asked her about it she said something like “While the cats away”.. I WONDER WHAT SHE MEANS……Only kidding…she was on the monkey bars…Hope you all now have a smile on your faces as you won’t have in the morning when you see what’s for breakfast….Frogs legs on toast…All is fine at home Jessica but the cats keep hissing at mum and dad when we go anywhere near the TV remote control, so we have to endure children’s TV until you get back. Enjoy your campfire..Have a good night..Love you loads and loads from Mum and Dad xxxx

  11. Looks like you are all having a great time. Hope you are practising your French Nathan. Enjoy your week.

  12. I trust you needed a wheelbarrow to carry all our presents back from the market, Johnny. Jim says don’t let Mr Hough borrow his glasses again or there will be serious consequences for both of you! We’d been hoping to see you on Le Tour highlights on TV on Thurs, never mind the blog is just as good. Enjoy the camp fire – hope there are marshmallows! xx

  13. Wow you all look like your having a fabulous time ! Loving the sunglasses on you all . Missing you all very much back in rainy Bolton . Hope you had fun on the markets. Cant wait to see more tomorrow.

    Love Mrs D xx

  14. Looks like you have all had another great day. Nicole you appear to have a different jacket on in every picture, none being your own, knowing you … you forgot yours at the chateaux , something’s don’t change
    Well hope you enjoy your campfire tonight. The girls have started to ask where you are. We all miss you.
    Love you millions, mum and dad xxxxx

    • My smily face didn’t post, I was only joking Nicole, I know you’ll always be my forgetful nickinounou :))) xxx

  15. Looks like you have had lots of fun! Are there any sweets left for us? Grandad Scptland is very excited about the snail farm, he says there are lots in his garden for you to try Joe….
    Love Mum x

  16. Hi Tom, you look like you all had a good time today. Dad is loving your new shades, he might pinch them when you get back. The house is quiet without you but only sometimes as Jake is making enough noise for all of you ! We look forward to seeing more pictures tomorrow. lots of love Mum, Dad and Jake xxxxx

  17. Hi Fynn, Looks like your having an amazing time guys, how come you never look so happy if we suggest a shopping trip!! – enjoy the campfire tonight, missing you loads (although the fridge and the snack cupboard isn’t!!!!!) lots of luv xx

  18. Hi Marcus,hope you have enjoyed your day going to the market and making a lollipop, what animal did you pick, was it a Bosnian Terrier haha. Your pictures are fantastic and it looks likes you are all having a fantastic time. Lovely and quiet here but not the same without you. Hope you have a good day tomorrow, the house is slowly getting sorted, unplugged all your equipment!!!!!!. Enjoy your evening. Love you so much Mum and Dad, Becky, Roseanne, Sadie and Sophie and not forgetting China xxx

  19. Hope you’re having fun Nathan. Mum having trouble posting. She’s not quite as techno savvy as us. Bet you’re all shattered. Enjoy yourselves.

  20. Message for Nathan Matthews; Mummy not able to send a message at the moment it wont let her post for some reason but she is sending you all her love and loves looking at all the pictures of you enjoying yourself. Have a lovely evening round the campfire and she will try again tomorrow xxxxxxx

  21. Salut everyone!
    Looks like you’ve all had a busy second day. A day at the beach is a lot more fun than working and school. Now that I know you like shopping so much Owen, we can hit the shops on Saturday. Lol! The beach looked fun – at least you didn’t have rain like we’ve had today. Missing you loads – it’s not the same without you! Love to you and Evan. Enjoy tomorrow! Love from mum, dad and Al! Xxxx

  22. Hi Holly we are missing you like mad. Rosie has decided it’s her job to make mess for the two of you. We have seen the pictures of you at the sweet factory and were amazed you allowed anyone else to have any of the sweeties. Enjoy the campfire tonight and make sure you get some marsh mellows to toast, Now for a few words from your ever loving sister…….holly I have been missing you so so so much i cant wait for you to come home

  23. Bonjour Year 6,

    It looks like youโ€™re having an amazing time. A sweet factory and football on the beach โ€“ that sounds like Joe heaven! Hope you all have a great time tonight.

    PS joe โ€“ I canโ€™t stop frank the cat eating your hair gel, I think it tastes like chicken. James is missing you a tiny bit, especially the shouting. Have a brilliant holiday mate.

    Love, Dad

  24. You all look like you’re having so much fun, we are all very jealous here! Can’t wait to see what you’ve bought at the markets, I don’t know how the teachers didn’t lose one of you there! We look forward to the pictures every day.
    Take care guys, the girls miss you Evan, Love Mum, Dad and the girls xx

  25. Hi Fynn, looks like your having an amazing time guys, how come you never look so happy if we suggest a shopping trip!! – enjoy the campfire tonight, missing you loads(although the fridge and snack cupboard isn’t!!!!!!!!) Lots of love xxx

  26. Hello everyone!
    It looks like you are all having a wonderful time. What special memories you are all making! I can picture you all sat around sharing these messages at the end of another busy and exciting day. Don’t worry teachers not long now until they are all in bed and you are pacing the corridors ensuring all are asleep. Yes, they really do that Year 6 so no silliness. We are all missing our big Year 6’s, we look forward to hearing about all your adventures tomorrow.

  27. Hi Nathan, you look like your all having a great time. Love the pictures. Hope you haven’t spent all your money on the market. You’ve had a fun packed day, can’t wait to see what your doing tomorrow. Take care. Love you.xx

  28. Wow Robbie, can’t believe you are actually smiling for a photograph. It’s great to see you all smiling and having fun… It’s raining here (again) so make the most of the sunshine there. I noticed you with your money out at the market…. Can’t wait to see what you bought. Eddie and Libby are making the most out of you not being here but they’re secretly missing you. Hope you enjoyed the camp fire tonight and have a great day tomorrow. We are looking forward to the pictures already. Sleep well and I hope you’re not singing in your sleep. Much love, Mum, Dad, Eddie, Libby and Kylie Minogue xx

  29. I hope you are having fun. (Pete) Oh la la Sam I can see you were buying me a nice handbag at the market- can’t wait for you to get back! I’ll clear out the old ones. Pete was gutted to get an extra long piano lesson as you weren’t here! Alex says he’s enjoying nice ‘lie ins’ because there’s no loud music coming from your bedroom at 7.30am each morning! love mum xx

  30. Hi Callum,

    What a great day you’ve had today! The girls are very interested as to what you may have bought at the market ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope that you had great campfire night. Really looking forward to seeing tomorrows pictures.
    Miss you, lots of love, Mum, Dad, Millie & Ella, not forgetting Judd xxxxx

    P.S. We sent you a message in reply to yesterdays post too, but it doesn’t seem to have got through yet………….hope this one reaches you!

  31. Hi year 6
    Glad to see you are having a great time ,(don’t let the teachers eat too many sweets or chocolates ,remind them a chocolate on the lips is worth 68 on the hips) . Thanks for the use of your classroom while we were having our new carpet fitted . We all miss you in Year 3 but hope you have a super time
    Love Mrs Ford and Year 3

  32. Hello Nicole ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope your having a fantastic time , and hope the weather is good , the weather is not good here ๐Ÿ™
    We love you lots can’t wait to catch up and hear about your trip
    Love you lots
    From uncle Chris auntie kelly ant Chloe and little man :)) xxxx

  33. Hiya Nelly (Chanel), looks like you are all enjoying yourself and making the most of your time there. Your schedule seems to be full of exciting things to do there. I’m missing you loads and the kids keep asking when are you coming home! Funny Isn’t it, when you are together you always argue but now your not here they really miss you! Enjoy the bonfire and your activities tomorrow. Love you loads, hugs and kisses, mum and dad xx p.s destiny, ellecieah, lexie , sol , and sasha-rose all say hi and send their love xx

  34. Wowser. What a great trip you are all having. Some day I will visit the WW1 battlefields myself. You are all soooo lucky and will bring back many memories. Grandad keeps wanting to buy those desserts from Tesco we get for you but we’ll make up for it next week. Your mum is scoffing all our bacon by the way (just to keep it in the family). It looks like Virgin’s “on demand” service will be greatly in use next week so you can catch up with the telly you’ve missed. It’s a good job Wimbledon will be over with by then or you’d have no chance. Loving seeing all the photos. At least the sun is still shining in France lol. Love from grandma, grandad and Pepper.

  35. Hello class,

    Hope you had a lovely time at the Campfire last night. We like your fish impression Matty! Your pictures look amazing we wish we were there with you!
    Have a great rest of the week. Good luck Teachers hope you dont lose anyone. ha ha!

    See you soon

  36. We hope you had a great time at the beach
    We liked your lollypops
    We hope you enjoyed it at the market
    We hope you enjoy eating all the food escpecially croisants
    We hope you bought some fish to cook on the campfire (not anchovies – Mrs R)
    We all hope you have a nice time and are having lots of fun.
    Love from Reception

  37. Hi Year 6 and all the teachers,

    We hope you’re having a good time. How is the weather over there in France? We hope it’s better than ours!!!!!! We can’t wait to have you back because Mrs Dewhurst
    is a nightmare …… Just kidding she’s lovely!!!!!!! We can’t wait for you to come back.

    From Dylan, Thomas C, Caitlin and y4
    P.S- Bring the nice weather back!!

  38. Bonjour Year 6
    We love watching your blogs and are very jealous of your good weather! We hope you are having a great time and have eaten lots of frogs legs and snails.Hope all the teachers are behaving themselves and not keeping you awake at night with their chatting.
    Au revoir Year 3 xxxxx

  39. Hello again Erin, seems like much longer than two days since we saw you! We’re enjoying the blog photos. Hope you’re enjoying better weather than us at the moment! Don’t forget to get something nice to bring back to remember your trip, maybe not smelly cheese, though we know dad would love that! Enjoy another special say, au revoir for now from mum xx

  40. Hi George

    Mummy and amber miss you lots,

    hope your having a wonderful time.

    Try to get in some more photo’s as you tend to just be in the background doing something random!?!?

    thanks again to the amazing staff

  41. Hello Year 6,
    It looks like you are having fun in France. Have you been speaking in French? It seems like we have not seen you for loads of days. We hope you had a good time at the beach. Today we went on a walk around our local area and we got wet and drenched! We were soaked. We bought stamps from the post office. It was fun.
    We all miss you.
    Bring back the sun with you.
    Love Year 1 XXXXXX

  42. Hi Fynn, Hope you’ve had another amazing adventure today, we’ve spoken to mum this morning she wanted us to tell you they are having a good time, but missing you loads, looking forward to seeing your pictures tomorrow, Luv you xx
    ps Grandad says you must try the frogs legs they taste like chicken xx

  43. WOAH!! I can’t wait till were in year 6!!!
    Hope you all your having the time of your life in France.
    We all miss you Mr Hough and Mrs Christian.

    Best wishes
    Thomas Rees Y4

  44. bonjour Nicole :))
    Hope your having a fantastic time ,
    Hope the weather is good there as it’s not very good here ๐Ÿ™
    Can’t wait to see you to hear all about your exciting trip love you
    Uncle Chris , auntie Kelly , ant , Chloe and Alex oh and bella
    And zayn :)) xxxxxxxxxx

  45. Hi Fynn good to see your enjoying yourself. Spoke to Izaak he’s loving the peace and quiet. Freddie has chewed my slippers. He’s missing you but enjoying all the walks. Look after yourself love nanna Kath and grandad Frank …

  46. Hi Fynnny, Sooooo jealous what an amazing day, I’d have loved see those sites, and again Mrs Richardson has brought it all to life for us back at home (Big Ta!) bet you’ll sleep for a week when you get home. lots of love xx

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