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God evening parents, please don’t worry if you cannot see your message to the children after it has been posted. It will not show on the blog until it has been approved by me. This is standard blogging procedure to avoid any spam getting through and ensuring only the appropriate messages show.
Many thanks for your comments, the children are really enjoying hearing from you!
Tomorrow we are off to the Battlefields of The Somme for the day.

6 thoughts on “Blog Posts for France Trip

  1. To Sam F. From Nana and Grandad. Hi Sam, glad to see you all having a good time. You will be seeing some fantastic sights. Enjoy the rest of your time there. See you when you get back. Bon Nuit.

  2. Hi frankie
    It’s great to hear all about your adventures on here about what you are all getting up to in France it sounds amazing. The pictures are fantastic!! I’m very jealous!! Nothing but rain rain and more rain here! Enjoy Frankie!!
    Lots of love Aunty Amy, Uncle aidy, Archie and Charlie xxxxxx

  3. Meoow, meow meow, meoow, meow…. Oh sorry Jessica you haven’t learnt cat language yet, its very similar to French but there’s only two words in it, me and ow. You just have to remember which order to put them in. Mummy and daddy think us cats are stupid but we aren’t, we can use a computer just like anyone else, that is why mummy’s computer never has any charge on it in the morning, because me and Rosie are playing games on it all night long. That is also why we are asleep most of the day. Me and Rosie miss your hugs and cannot wait until you get back home. Got to go now, a human is coming, I think its mummy. Love you lots from Jess and Rosie. Meow. Meow

  4. This is a message for Frankie Carroll in France.

    Hey Frankie, hope you are loving your trip away and getting up to loads of cool stuff!

    Can’t wait to hear all about it!

    Love auntie Adele, Uncle Steve and your fave cousin Reece xxx

  5. Hi, Lillie, Wow!!! amazing photos, how exciting for you all to see la tour de France. Missing you so so much. We are fine at home, George and Ed were looking at you yesterday on your school trip!!! Sleep well and look forward to another fun packed day tomorrow. Love you millions xxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxx Mum, Dad & Annie xxxxxx

  6. Hiya Nelly, looks like you’ve had another busy day today! The bikes looked like they were going at a great speed, fantastic to watch! Glad you are all enjoying yourselves. missing you loads, can’t wait to hear all about it from you. Hope you picked up something nice from the market. See you soon, love from mum, dad, destiny, ellecieah, lexie, sol and sasha-rose xxxxxxx

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