France Trip -Monday

We are pleased to report that the journey down to the Chateau was very smooth and uneventful. We arrived at the Chateau at approximately 5pm after a smooth channel crossing.
Children are currently playing Chateau Olympics after having a lovely dinner.
The weather is wonderful, wall to wall blue sky and perfect temperatures!

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  1. (Cesca Cuzzupe’s Mum) – I’m so glad you all had a good safe journey down to Calais and onto the Chateau. The pictures are full of smiley faces and its just Day One! Have a great time Francesca and enjoy your first evening. Love Mum & Dad xxxxx 🙂

  2. Bonjour ma classe,

    You are all so happy on the photos! It is great to see the beautiful French weather – it’s raining really hard in Horwich now…
    You seem to have enjoyed your first French meal. I doubt you have had time to taste the snails yet!

    Remember to practise your French (I know you can do it).

    A bientot
    Madame Carr x

  3. Hi Lillie, you all look like you are having a lovely time, its pouring down here so enjoy the sunshine, Terrie is missing you too!!! Good Night love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Sam
    Looking at the photos it looks like you are all having a great time!
    Great weather too,it’s lashing down in Horwich! Hope you all enjoyed the Olympics tonight and have a great day tomorrow on the rue tour. All missing you already Sam it’s so quiet without you and Milo keeps jumping up at the window waiting for his crust out of your school butty box. Joe says hi and he’s jealous he’s not there with you.
    Look forward to seeing tomorrows blog and reckon you should all sleep tonight after your busy day. Bye for now! Love Mum Dad Joe and Milo X

  5. Hi, I am so glad you all arrived safely

    Georgia-Lilly I have been worrying you don’t have a toothbrush!!!
    Lille has two!!

    Have a wonderful time xx be good xx

    Love mummy

  6. Hi Marcus, so glad you arrived in France safely. Hope you enjoyed the ferry crossing the weather looks lovely, it is raining here !! Did you enjoy your tea, looks like you did. All the pictures are fantastic and it looks like you are all having a great time. Can’t wait to find out what you are going to be doing tomorrow. We miss you, Sophie does haha. Love you loads Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  7. Hi Jessica and the Y6 crew. Glad to here the trip to the Chateaux was smooth and uneventful. Just been to St Joey’s for the parents induction evening and to meet your form tutor. Most of us parents from St Mary’s had matchstickss keeping our eyes open after being up so early this morning. Your hamsters are still alive. Mummy remembered to feed them. Your bedroom furniture has been has been chopped down, sawn, nailed, hammered, jumped on, (and argued over) and Finally put back together again like a 60 hour makeover (not minutes) NOW to the satisfaction of both mum and dad. Hope you like it when you get back. Have a fab time, love you loads and loads from Mum and Dad xxxx

  8. You all look like you had a good time so far and Jake says he’ll be very disappointed if you don’t try the frog’s legs and snails. Especially you Tom and Fynn!!
    Hope you all you have a good nights sleep and we’ll check on the blog again tomorrow. love to you all xx

  9. Bonjour Mia
    Looks like you are all having a great time!
    House seems quiet I wonder why??
    Boys are missing you and said hi.
    love Mum, Dad, Pat & Jake xx
    Millie sends her love too x

  10. Hi everyone,
    You all look like you’re having fun already, enjoy the weather while you can!
    We had a meeting at St Josephs tonight and we met your form tutors and we let them know what you’re all really like! Hope you all have a fab time, loving all the pictures, can’t wait for tomorrows now. Missing you Evan and Owen, take care.
    Love from Mum, Dad, Robyn and Ruby xx

  11. Bonjour Year 6,
    Hope you have an amazing time in France. Enjoy your time together before moving on to a bigger world at St Joseph’s! Glad the weather is lovely as it’s been pouring down in St. Helens. Look after Mrs Crouch and Mrs Richardson and make sure Mr Hough has some great memories to remember you all by! I’m sure I’ll hear lots more about your holiday. Take care, love Mrs Hattersley xxxxx

  12. Hi Sam, sorry we missed your call but we were in your new classroom having form period with your new teacher. Dad is thinking you might want snails for tea on Friday and has started collecting ….love mumxx

  13. It looks like you are all enjoying your first day in sunny France. Don’t worry about us in a very wet Horwich.

    Hope you all have a fabulous week.

    Look forward to seeing more photographs on the blog.

    Mrs Sherlock xxxx

  14. Hello,
    We loved looking at all the pictures. You all look like your having a lovely time. The weather here is horrible, please send us some sun :)) can’t wait for more updates.
    Love you Nicole, from mum and dad xxx

  15. Bonjour Erin et amis, sounds like you’re all having a great time already! Was lovely to talk to you Erin. We’re all thinking of you. Faye wanted to write something to you herself but she fell asleep before she could so next time.
    Also hi from dad, I was at St Joseph’s so missed your call. Amuse-toi bien!

  16. The photo’s look amazing.

    Thank you to all the staff for keeping us updated, and for all your hard work.

    Sorry I missed your call Georgia I was at st Joesph’s

    amber says woof woof

  17. Lovely to see you all looking so happy and eating lots! I hope the oLympics was good. Old Trafford was great and the Mexican visitors very friendly. I learnt that the Mexiacn player who played for Man U (I can’t spell his name) has a nickname that means “little pea” so you know……
    Really looking forward to seeing what you do next. Enjoy the sweet shop. Miss you lots (it’s so quiet)

  18. ‘We hope you have a nice time and trip’Millie & Finlay A. ‘We miss you’ Harvey &Maggie. ‘School is quiet without you!’ Mrs Ratcliffe. ‘Oh no it’s not!’ Mrs Davies.
    ‘We can play on the big playground, ha!” Abbi. ‘We love you’ Moni and so say all of us!

  19. Bonjour Y6, looks like you’re all having a lovely time and you took the nice sunny weather with you. Please could you bring it back with you on Friday?

    Message for Joe – James is sleeping in your bed now and Frank (the cat) won’t get off the Xbox and keeps stealing your hair gel, sorry! We’ve ordered a turtle to keep you company when you get back.

    Lots of love, mum, dad & James

  20. Bonjour Year 6
    We are glad to see you had a good crossing. It looks like you are having a great time so far. The food looks good.
    We can’t wait to see what you get up to today.
    We are very jelous but we like your classroom!
    Love Year 3 x

  21. Hi Lucy & Co, glad you had a good journey and a smooth ferry crossing. It looks like you’re all having loads of fun already! It’s been raining in Horwich for most of the day so it’s a bit rubbish compared to the warm, sunny weather you’re having.
    Lucy, Rolo is being her usual silly self and we’ve stopped her from stealing your teddies- up to now!!!
    Don’t be eating too many frogs legs and snails!
    Love you loads,
    From Mum, Dad, Rolo (& Izzy, Dizzy & Snip). xx

  22. Hi Frankie,
    So nice to see you and everyone having such a good time. It was so nice to speak to you yesterday. Sorry I didn’t leave a comment on the blog yesterday but I was looking on Year 6 blog! Luca is missing you so much and was crying as soon as the coach left.
    The Mont (tortoise) is doing just fine just in case you were wondering.
    Enjoy yourself and remember to take lots of pics. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Luca and The Mont xxxxx

  23. Hi Nathan

    Great to see you having a fantastic time, hope you had a good nights sleep and you are full of energy for the rest of the week.

    Hope the weather is nice again today, typically it’s raining again here.

    Going to watch Leigh centurions tomorrow and will miss you at the game, don’t worry I will send you the score.

    To everyone have a great day and keep the pictures coming.

    See you soon Nathan

    Lots of love Dad & Emily. Xxxxxxxxxcxxxxxxx

  24. I’m glad your all having a great time. Hope the journey wasn’t too bad. Thank you for the call home. The line wasn’t the best sorry. We are having terrible weather so bring some sun home with you. The pictures are fab, looking forward to more.
    Take care and enjoy!

  25. Hi Year 6,
    Glad you got there safely.
    It is very different looking at the photos this year as we keep thinking that it will be us next year…very exciting!
    School has gone very quiet without you…though we are enjoying being the oldest in the school and sitting on the benches! However, we are looking forward to feeling like Year 1 again, when we have our teddy bear’s picnic on Friday!
    We are very jealous of the nice weather you are having! Why didn’t you sneak us into your suitcases?!
    Keep having a great time and look forward to more updates and videos.
    Year 5

  26. Hi Callum,
    Great to speak to you last night 🙂 glad all’s going well! Love looking at the photos too – what a fantastic time you’re all having!
    Millie and Ella have made a massive den in your room….ha ha – only joking!!!
    Love and miss you loads, Mum, Dad, Millie, Ella and Judd xxxxx

  27. Hi Grace,
    It looks like you are all having great fun. Its still raining cats and dogs so I’m glad to see the sun is shining for you all. We miss you ssoooooo much. Its too quiet. Hope you have had fun today. Enjoy every minute, look after one another Lots of Love, Big Hugs, Mum, Dad, Seth, Kevin & Gips
    p.s. Kevin has taken up residency in your bed, I think he is missing you too! He wont let Seth in.xx

  28. Loving the shades Johnny! What gorgeous blue skies. Can’t wait for the next installment of the adventure. x

  29. Year 2 hope you have a good time in France.
    We enjoyed watching the video because of all your smiley faces and because you look as if you are having a great time already!
    Remember to use your French speaking skills.
    We hope you enjoy the week.

    Year 2

  30. Hi Frankie
    I forgot to tell you that you have been selected by swimming club for a Manchester & District Gala on Sunday 12th July in the afternoon. Not sure what strokes but distance is 1 length. Let me know if you want to do it or not. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Your choice.
    Love ya. Mum xxx

  31. Bonjour la classe!

    You made it to France! I see you took our beautiful weather with you and left us with rain. Looks like you’re already having lots of fun and so much more to come as I remember from last year. Amusez-vous bien.

    Mrs Dewhurst

  32. Hi Nathan, Glad to see you all having a great time. Love the pictures, lots of smiley faces. Looking forward to more. Take care and enjoy.x

  33. Hello Fynn & all the gang
    Glad your having a good time, just waiting for todays blog to be posted ( yes I know you said don’t embarrass putting a message on but!!) just wanted you to know we miss you and hey! hey! we haven’t have to restock the fridge or snack cupboard – result Love you fynndog x
    ps Grandad says sails taste gooddddd

  34. Hi Erin, we tried to send messages yestrrday but had problems. Hopefully you’ll get this one! We’re enjoying seeing all the blog photos. Hope you all year continue to have a wonderful time, love mum x
    Bonjour Erin, we like your video, love from Faye xxx
    Erin, hope you are having a great time in France and with your friends. Tell me if you like the snails when you get back sil vus plais! From the legend, Ethan your frere.

  35. Bonjour Year 6,

    It looks like you’re having an amazing time. A sweet factory and football on the beach – that sounds like Joe heaven! Hope you all have a great time tonight.

    PS joe – I can’t stop frank the cat eating your hair gel, I think it tastes like chicken. James is missing you a tiny bit, especially the shouting. Have a brilliant holiday mate.

    Love, Dad

  36. Hi Tiana its been good watching you and all year 6 having a fab time. Looking forward to seeing you. Can’t wait to listen to all your stories love you loads mum Xxx

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