Day 4 – Market and Caves

Today at the market in Rue, money was definitely spent! The groups separated and we all went to different stalls. There were sweet stalls, watch stalls, clothes stalls and all other stalls you can think of! It was very sunny like always. There was a cathedral and we went in it, it was big. Mr Hough’s group and Mrs Richardson group did a prayer for Mrs Crouch. Then we went to meet the other groups and we showed each other what we got then we waited on the wall were we got off the coach. Then the coach finally came it seemed forever we all got on and then we went to a sort of service and had FOOD. Now were on our way to the caves.

We have been to the market today . We all had a grate time p.s shelin Kane I have bought lots and lots of loom bands!!!!lol we had a great time and had lot’s of fun and we are on are way to the cave . From Tjay Kane y6 .

We are on our way to the caves now.It has been great weather all day!!We went to the market today,it was really fun because we all got what we wanted and enjoyed looking around.After the market we got back on the coach and stopped for lunch.Ham or cheese sandwiches and crisps and a chocolate bar with a munch needed bottle of water!!!!
From Charlotte Davin Year6.

We’re now on our back from the caves, it was amazing ( scary.) All of us were separated into different groups and began to explored the caves. Before we actually entered the caves each of us had to wear a type of phone Round there necks. The moment you pressed in the number (which was nailed to the wall), it would tell you all about the room you were in, at that moment in time. The phone told you about the history of the caves, and how it was actually an underground town in the war. There was lots of different rooms, all of which consisted of buildings in an actual villages. When enemy German soldiers came, the children led them to a trap which made them bang their heads, and they were then greeted by villagers. Then we went to a museum, where we saw the workers of the villages.

By Sam  and Niamh

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  1. Hiya Princess,
    You look like your having a brilliant time!! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Missing you lots Dad xx

  2. Hiya Ade… Having lots of fun in the big boys room! Missing you sooo much!!
    Big sister hurry up home… Where are you!! Love you lots Oliver xxxx

  3. Hi Hannah – sounds like a great day! I am at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with Jack and Dylan because it is Grandma and Grandpa’s birthday! We are having something to eat and then birthday cake afterwards. We are all looking forward to having you back tomorrow lots of love mum, jack and dylan x x x

  4. Dear gabie hope you have enjoyed today because I have, we saw a hedgehog in the back garden you can keep it as your pet
    Also I will be watching the first world cup game in the cinema with dad with munchies and drinks on ice haha! never mind I’ll have your share as well p.s. can you stay there for one more month

  5. Dear Gabie I hope you have enjoyed today because I have, we saw a hedgehog in the back garden you can keep it as your pet.
    Also I will be watching the first World Cup game with dad in the cinema with munchies and drinks on ice haha! never mind I will have your share as well p.s. can you stay there for one more month xoxo

  6. hello Hannah – jack managed to light our birthday candles after 7 attempts. Wish we were with you sounds as if you are having a great time love hugs and kisses Grandma and Grandpa x x

  7. Bonjour ma classe

    Still so many happy faces on the photos…I am glad you have enjoyed your stay in France and I cannot believe how much you have seen and done.

    I missed you all yesterday (as there was no class) but I hope you still practised your French, especially at the market.

    Are you fluent yet? Only joking, but I will see how you’ve improved next week!!!

    All my love,
    Madame Carr x

  8. Evening Lewis !
    Harriet and I have just watched the latest blog. Looked like a great day ! Un peau de shopping mon petit doux pois ??? Was that a new watch I spied ??
    Lovely to see you all having such a great time.
    Enjoy the Disco. Try not to dance too much !!! lol
    Take care and will see you soon. Cant wait.
    Better not gush too much or I’ll be in trouble 😛
    Harriet says she hopes that your having a good time x
    Love Mum and Harriet xxxx <3

  9. HI Alex. It sounds like you have all had a great day! I am wondering what you bought at the market. The weather is lovely and sunny here…..eventually. We are looking forward to all going out on Sunday for Father’s Day. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Love Mum, Dad and Samuel xxx

  10. Forgot to say, well done to Mrs Richardson for all the fantastic blogs, tres bon! Thanks too, to all the teachers who went on the trip. x

  11. Hi William
    got a suprise for when you get home I think you’ll like.
    looking forward to seeing you, pikachu, glasses and dirty washing!
    miss you, will pick you up friday, cant wait

    love you mum xxxx

  12. Hi joe, just been looking through the pictures and they are amazing!!! I hope ou have had the time of your life son. I’m so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, I really have missed you loads and loads. Have fun at the disco tonight. All my love mum xxx

  13. Hello Aidan and year 6. It looks like you had another fab day – hope you didn’t lose anyone in the caves! Have you spent all your Euro, Aidan? Not long left now! Enjoy the disco tonight – perhaps put a smarter top on , sunshine! Here’s some news: Jalfrezi bit Ewan this morning! Ha ha ha! No damage done though, but that’ll teach him to pester the cat when she’s first woken up! Have a great finish to your holiday – we’ve missed you lots and looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow. Remember to say thank you to all your teachers! See you Friday – lots of love, Mum, Dad, Ewan and the ferocious maneater, Jal.

  14. Hi Charlotte this is Olivia, you better had bought me something nice from the market:) I actually am missing you:( hope you enjoy the rest of the trip and have a good time at the disco! I’m sure you’ll look lovely! Have a safe trip home and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Love yaz , Olivia x ditto mum and dad xx

  15. Dear Leah hope you had a nice time in the chirch and looking at the chickens sounds fun.Hope you bought some stuff for me and mum .See you tommorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE from Max xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Hi! Chloe, Looks like you are having a fantastic time. What an adventure for you.
    you look so happy. Missing you lots and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Will have some nice thing for you to eat and your bed turned down so you can sleep soundly after your long journey. Love you loads. Nin xxx

  17. hi niamh well your holiday in france will soon be over but im sure you have enjoyed it the caves looked very scary what did you get at the market hope you enjoy the disco tonight hope to see you over the weekend and you can tell us all about your trip love and miss you lots andlots grandma and opa xxxx

  18. Hiya Leah, loved today’s photos and blog – looks like another great day! Hope you all had loads of fun! When you’re back, Max is going to miss staying up late to see your photos and write you a message, but I can’t wait to see you!! Have a good last day and journey back. Love and hugs, Mum xxxxxx

  19. Hi Ted, Gosh it looks hot !! hope you are managing to keep cool ! I know the sun and you are not the best of friends! The caves looked amazing really interesting I am sure you have learned a lot. Hope you didn’t buy one of those chickens at the Market – poor things eh! Hope you enjoy the Disco and looking forward to hearing about your travels a bit more! See you after one sleep, love mum dad bill and florence xxxx

  20. Hi Niamh, looks likes you have had another fabulous day. I enjoyed reading the report you and Sam wrote. The cats are still fine, however I was greeted by a dead shrew in the kitchen tonight! Have good time at the disco tonight! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Love you xxx mum.

  21. Hi Cal, hope you enjoyed the caves and the market today. Enjoy the disco tonight don’t dance like your mum tonight !

    Love Dad, Mum and Megs

  22. Hi paddy did u spend all yr money today hope u got something you wanted. Disco tonight hope u all enjoy yourselves, last day tomorrow, marcus says hi an we are all enjoying the nice weather, see u soon paddy lots of love to u from us all xxxxxx

  23. Great to see you looking all dressed up and having a good time at the disco, I hope the boys were in there dancing and not hiding in the toilets!! Every last Euro looks to have been spent at the market, lucky mums and dads! I can’t believe you are coming home tomorrow, the week has gone really quick. Great to hear that behaviour has been superb, i feel very proud of you. Have a great final day and safe journey home.

  24. Hi Sam . Looks like another good day. I hope you didn’t take as long to choose things at the market as you sometimes do! All is quiet here without you- Dad is back in London, Dan is in bed and Charlotte is at brownies getting ready for Hogwarts. I’ve no one to chat to! Hope you enjoyed the disco tonight and have a safe journey home. See you tomorrow love mum xx

  25. Haha T.jay Kane,i dont think so haha ,glad you have all had another fantastic day ,sounds a brilliant place to visit , & big thankyou to ST MARYS & ALL THE TEACHERS that took you & giving you all memories to last a life time x x x x

    • Well wont be long before your all back home, you will all be busting with excitment waiting to tell all about your trip the places you have visited what you have learned & the pepole you have met ,iam looking forward to hearing about these goats sounds like there was a lot of fun on every outing . I want to say a very big thankyou to Mrs Richidson,all the other St Mary Teachers & the staff at Le Chateau du Broute for giving t.jay the oppatunity to vist Rue and for looking after him , thay have memories to last a life time , thankyou sheelin x x x see you soon t.jay x x x

  26. Hi jessica
    We just watched the clips of you in the caves and at the market. So glad you are having such a wonderful time, but we are really missing you and are so glad you are coming home tomorrow. You must say a big thank you to all the teachers who have looked after you and all your class mates so well. Have fun on your last night and I will see you tomorrow night. We love you lots and lots.
    Missing you lots and lots.
    Mum, Dad and Corey x x x x x x x x x x
    P.s. have fun at the disco but no kissing boys lol x x x x

  27. Hey Ella, the tour of the caves looked really good and I bet you enjoyed that chocolate ice cream! Enjoy your last night and morning tomorrow. We’re all excited to have you home so you can tell us everything about your trip. Ava has been looking at the photo’s in class today. Have a safe journey home tomorrow, see you soon, lots of love MxDxLxAx

  28. Hey Gabie missing you loads! Another sun seeking thrill of a day, we see! All togged up for the disco…WOW! Hope that you’ve really enjoyed it, darling…Can’t wait to see you tomorrow…wish you were here now in the cinema with us, watching the opening ceremony of the World Cup! We’ll see you soon…a massive shout to the rest of the Y6 marauders and all the Teachers’ love Dad, Mum, Charl and Aary!

  29. Hi Chloe
    Was lovely hearing your voice tonight 🙂
    Hope you have took some lovely pictures of your adventures , can’t wait to see you , we are all going out on Sunday for a meal for Father’s Day (nom nom)
    Everybody has missed you (even ant) but especially Alex <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. to all year 6 ,
    hope you are having an amazing time. I always wish I am there with you.
    lots of love to everyone
    M xxx

  31. Hi Rosie – looked like u had a nice time at the market ( can’t wait 4 my pressie ) Chloe keeps asking what have u bought her ? The caves look very interesting 🙂 Can’t believe it’s gone so quick & can’t wait 2 see u 2moz night 🙂 Have a fab time 2night at the disco – thanks 2 all the teachers that Have been looking after all the children in year 6 🙂 Love u lots sweetheart Love u mum , dad & Chloe XXXXXX

  32. Hi big sis (Chloe)
    I Have really really really missed you
    Can’t wait to see you on Saturday
    Big hugs and kisses
    Love you lots from Alex

  33. Hiya Megan. Sorry we missed your call….don t know what happened there, we were in.
    We are so looking forward to you coming back on Friday. Hope you have a good journey and no delays with traffic. See you later. Lots of love Nana xxx

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