Day 3 – Rue tour, goat farm and the beach

Today has been a very busy day for the children and they have had no time to blog! After breakfast it was straight on with the tour of Rue which is always very interesting and informative and included elephants and drop spiders! This lasted for the full morning and we arrived back at the chateau to go straight in for lunch which was salad, ham and pizza followed by a waffle.
From lunch we jumped on the coach to be taken to the goat farm where we tried caramel wafers before meeting all the goats. A few chewed jumpers later, and a few kisses for the goats from the boys who shall remain nameless, we then spent time cuddling the baby goats and chicks before learning how to make goats cheese. Yet again the children were complimented on the behavior, asking questions and attempting to translate Madames french.
An hour on the beach in the sun for a relax or a run around was just the ticket before heading back to the chateau for a dinner of lamb, fish or chicken with vegetables followed by chocolate mousse.
The children are now currently enjoying their Chateau activities which tonight is a quiz.

44 thoughts on “Day 3 – Rue tour, goat farm and the beach

  1. Hi Alex and friends. It sounds like you have had a great day again. I bet you loved seeing all the baby goats! I can’t believe tomorrow is your last full day. It has flown by. Dad is getting excited about the World Cup! He has not stopped talking about it. We thinking about you and missing you. Love Mum, Dad and Samuel xxx

  2. Dear Suzie,

    How did you cope with the drop spiders, better or worse than butterflies? Hope you managed to take some photos and Ellie is missing the goats (so cute apparently!)

    Lots of love us x

  3. Hi Jess. Sounds like a brill day had by all. Did u find any shells on the beach. ??? Your last full day tomorrow have lots of fun. Miss u. Lots of love. Mum dad& corey xxxxxx

  4. Hiya T.jay,glad to see you have had another fantastic day , everybody seems to be having a lot of fun lol , kelsey & Brooke have been & send you there love,hope you all enjoy your evening speak to you soon love you mum x x x

    • Just a quick messege to say hope you all enjoyed your quiz & to say goodnight to you all hope you all sleep well ,looking forward to reading what you get up to tomorow lol gudnight t.jay love you to infinity & then some mum & ben xXx

  5. Hi Ted, another fun day was had by all it seems. Struggling with posting need my ict expert home ! We are all good at this end and missing you lots. Hope none of those spiders found their way into your pockets not too sure flo would like to look after a pet spider when you get home. Pinky, Perky and Bolt are all surviving without their master and Uncle Eddie has bought you and bill a ticket for the world cup sweep at work so theres a chance to win big money if your team draws out and wins so fingers crossed . Have a great evening and looking foward to seeing your photo blog later.

    Lots of love mum dad bill and grumpy knickers xxxx

  6. Hi Hannah have a great holiday with year 6 hope you enjoyed your packed lunch on the coach. Mr Hough is my favourite teacher and I’m missing him love from Jack

  7. Hi Hannah hope you have had a good day shame about the spiders! I helped Jack to write you a comment he told me what to put. I hope you are enjoying yourself and wonder if you liked the goats cheese? Everybody is ok here Jack is missing Mr Hough and Dylan and I are missing you love from Mum x x x x x x

  8. hi niamh what have you been up to today opa and i look forward to looking at what you did today in france i hope the spiders didnt frighten you to much and what about the goats did they try to eat your jumper hope you didnt kiss and cuddle the baby goats to much bell and mocha will not be very happy with you love and miss you lots and lots grandma and opa xxxx

  9. Hi Charlotte ,
    We have blogged about yesterday but not sure if you will have seen it ??
    Just looked at the video for today but didn’t see you .Did you have fun on the beach or manage to cuddle a goat ?? Hope you enjoy your last full day tomorrow .
    Lots of love ,
    Mum,Dad and Olivia xxx

  10. Hey Niamh, sounds like you are doing plenty of eating! Sam and I have just come back from swimming, Mal was asking about you – he even offered to coach me!! Cheeky man!! Sounds like you are having an amazing time, I hope you want to come home on Friday. Good luck at the quiz tonight! Mocha and belle have been sleeping on you bed, they must be missing you. Love you. Mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Niamh I hope you managed to contain yourself when you saw the spiders, especially after your last encounter with one. I think the whole neighbourhood heard your screams and cries last time. I wonder who you get that fear from? Love and miss you mini me! Xxx

  12. Hi Chloe its Nicole,
    Hope you are having a wonderful time.we are all going out for tea on Sunday ! Can’t wait to see u and I bet zayn misses you too xx

    Love from

  13. Hi Niamh just been looking at all the activities you have been doing.
    You look as though you are having a great time.
    See you soon Love Grannyxx

  14. Hello Aidan! Looks like you had another action-packed day! We loved the picture of you with the chick on your head! Our post is a little late tonight as we’ve been to Pizza Hut for tea, to treat Ewan for being a good boy. I bet you can guess what he had to eat! We miss hearing your noise around the place – Ewan hardly makes a peep! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday and hearing all the tales from France, hopefully in an expert French accent!
    Lots of love from Mum, Dad and Ewan.

  15. Hiya Leah!

    Did you spot my slight technical hitch yesterday? Oops, sorry love! Looks like you’ve all had a great day today on the farm and the beach. Hope you’re enjoying the quiz too! We miss you but lovely to see all the photos and keep up with what you’re doing. Have another fantastic day tomorrow. Lova ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Hiya Jady Lady,
    Sorry my messages have been broken up I have issues with posting so I’m pinching your iPad

  17. What a great day for the beach Y6, you were obviously having a fantastic time, I do envy you!! The weather here has been ok but it doesnt compare to being on the beach. You all looked very at home on the farm, lots of chicks hitching rides on hats…I do hope none were smuggled underneath! Who was brave enough to taste the cheese, William? Callum? I bet the teachers all tucked in! Shopping at the market tomorrow, who will be king of bling this year? Dont forget to use your French…..

  18. Hi Cal, it looks like you had fun on the beach being covered in sand. Hope you are enjoying yourself. We are all missing you, mum can’t until Friday to see you.
    Love Mum Dad and Megs.

  19. Hi Chloe,
    Hope you are having a lovely time, looking forward to you sleeping on Saturday night , gan is looking forward to you tormenting him 😉 ,
    Love you lots
    From grandma and gan xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Dear Leah

    hope you had a nice time holding the goats and putting the chicks on your head .by the way I held the school chicks. hope you had fun on the beach and got me some pebbles because i’m having a pebble collection. I love you From Max xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Hi Sam . Wow it looks like you had a great day. We were surprised you held the goat ! The beach looked fantastic and it looks like you had a lot of fun. All is good here, Dan has got World Cup fever and Charlotte is counting the days till she can go to France like you. Dad says keep calm and don’t blink …. Love you lots . See you soon xx

  22. Hi Ella, just seen the photo’s of you on the beach, looked like you are having a fab holiday. Did you hold a baby goat as well? I will show Ava and Lucy the photo’s tomorrow and we will play spot the purple cardigan!. Hope you enjoy your trip to Abbeville market tomorrow and you get to practice your French as you buy us some fantastic gifts?! Everything fine here so au revoir for now and enjoy your evening.
    Love The Harriprescotts xxxx

  23. Hi Morgan, your day looked great today! So jealous as the beach looked really nice…… Were they Latte’s in the photo’s, yum?! Crunch has malted her winter coat, it looked like another rabbit was in her hutch! Lots of fur but at least she’ll be cooler in summer now… Just given her a cuddle and she’s fine but missing you. Have fun at the market tomorrow and practice your French, it’ll be an experience and a giggle….. Buy me lots ;0) your dad says to tell you Welbeck is injured so Sterling likely to play – come on Liverpool, oops he means England ;0)….. Have a good nights rest and enjoy tomorrow, love and miss you Mum xox Ps, Immy too busy playing high jump with Tilly but she went to Coast to Coast with Nana & Grumps tonight.

  24. Hi jess, looks like your all having great fun. Me and corey have been looking at the photos and the farm looked really good. I bet you loved the beach. Did you dip your toes in the sea ? Have fun at the quiz tonight, we are all really missing you. Corey says Elsa do you want to build a snowman lol. Love you lots , miss you lots.
    Mum , Dad, Corey , Nanna and Grandad Bracken and Nanna and Grandad Chewie
    X x x x x x x x

  25. Hi Rosie – looks like u had a nice time at the farm but didn’t see u holding any animals ? Bet u didn’t go anywhere near the spiders 🙂 The beach looked nice & it looks very warm there 🙂 looking forward 2 your phone all 2moz night 🙂 Hope u have a nice time at the market 2moz – don’t forget my pressie 🙂 lol 🙂 Only one more full day then u will be home 🙂 Missing u loads sweetheart Love u lots Love mum , dad & Chloe XXXXXXX

  26. Hi Joe, its Sam here and it looks like you are having a great time in France! Its really boring at home without you and Milo is wondering where you are. If we say the word Joe he runs to the door! HA! HA! HA! I just really want to tell you that me and Dad went to the shop and these Fifa world cup Match Attack packs were up for sale and we got seven packs. Guess who my best player was… CRISTIANO RONALDO!!!! Followed by other great players like Franck Ribery, Sergio Ramos and Dani Alves and more. Miss you loads Joe and hope you have fun on the rest of the trip… Sam, Dad, Mum and Milo Xxx

  27. Lots of love Gabie and all friends…another enviable fun packed day we see…we loved you striking a pose with the goat FAB! The beach looked awesome…with all of you acting the GOAT (pardon the pun)

    • Hey Gabie…we can’t wait to have you back…miss you loads…your biggest fans…Mum, Dad, Charl & Aary!!!

  28. Hi Chloe
    looks like you have had a fantastic day , the beach looked amazing we are very jealous 🙂 .
    The goats looked cute , we are not sure about the drop spiders though dad said eeewwwwwwww !!
    Enjoy tomorrow
    Love and miss you lots
    Dad, mum,ant and Alex

  29. Hi Lewis !!!
    Loving the blogs…looks absolutely wonderful. Very jealous !!!
    Harriet’s not quite sure what to do with herself …having no Lewis to yell at is leaving her a little unfulfilled hahaha xx She still thinks she’s a mermaid so no change there !!
    Enjoy your day tomorrow. House isn’t the same without you xx
    Love Mum and Harriet the Chariot xxxxxx
    P.S Loving using this computer of yours 😛

  30. Kish, it sounds like you are having so much fun in France. Hope you are eating well. Went to Karate for the first time in ages, your brothers have decided to raid your bed again. I have come away in Bruises. Susie’s dad said I was being too soft today. Maybe because I was missing you. Have a Fab time, don’t forget the french toast for dad, he will love it for farther day.
    I won’t go mad with kisses cos aaron is saving them for your return. The boys actually miss you.
    Mum, mother, …..and everything else you call me 🙂

  31. Hiya Megan. Bethan wanted to say ‘I love you sister and I miss you.’ She has just watched the video with me and loves the baby chicks and goats. She remembers when you and Gan buried her in the sand in Devon last year. We are looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Have a great last day in France. Lots of love from Bethan, Nana, Gan and mum and Chris xxxxxx

  32. H Charlotte,
    This is the second message I have sent but I cannot find the other one on the blog. Hope you are having a good time. We have looked at the pictures and you all seem to be having a good time. We bet you enjoyed the Chocolate factory!! any free samples?
    Looking forward to seeing you Sunday and hearing all about your trip.
    Take care of yourself.
    Love you lots Grandma and Grandad xx

  33. hi robyn and year 6. It looks like your,re having a brilliant time,and im wondering how you managed with the spiders bob? Dylan said you probably fled and are now in Spain,which made me chuckle!! Keep having fun,stay safe and love you bob. x x x from mum/gill x x x

  34. Dear Mrs Christian
    Are you sure you went to France and didn’t just want a week off away from us and Mrs Ford(she’s not that bad)? We are asking you this as we haven’t seen you on any photos !! Please can you pop into one and wave so we can wave back to you or we’re afraid you won’t be getting any of the LOVELY cakes we have made!!
    Lots of love year 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS Some of us think you have escaped and nipped off to Disneyland XX

  35. Hi Year 6
    We saw you having a great time on the beach -wish we were there
    see you Monday

    Lots of love
    Year 3 and Jacob says Hi

  36. Hey Niamh

    It looks like you’re having an amazing time. I was quite envious of the chocolate factory part although you can keep the spiders in France haha.

    Hope you’ve had a fab week. I look forward to hearing all about it.

    See you soon. 🙂
    Love Emmaxxx

  37. Hello Year 6,

    Year 2 hope that you are having a good time. James wonders if one of the chicks leapt at you. Joshua asks if you enjoyed holding the chicks and goats. Jasmyn and Marley hope that Robyn is having a nice time. Harry thinks it was funny to see a chick asleep on the cap. All of Year 2 hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday and get back safely. xxx

  38. Dear Year 6,

    It looks like you are all having a good time! The chicks on the farm looked alot of fun but we were wondering how the chick ended up on Robyn’s hat? We currently have the chicks in the year 5 classroom, they are very noisy (and quite stinky!) and you would be amazed at how much they have grown. It has been quite different looking at all your pictures this time knowing that we will be there next year! Are you having to use your french alot, do you think we will have to keep practising ours? Make sure you look after that Chateau ready for us next year! Enjoy the rest of your holiday, we are looking forward to seeing you next week.

  39. Hi Year 6,

    We are happy to see you are all enjoying yourselves. The animals all looked cute! The school is very quiet without you here so we are looking forward to having you back! What did the goats cheese taste like? Have your tried any frogs legs or snails?

    love from
    Year 4

    P.S a big Hi to Mr Hough, we are missing you!

  40. Hi Lewis, looks like your’e all having a super time over there!. Can’t wait to see you at the weekend and you can tell me all about it. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
    Love dad xxx : – )

  41. Hi Chloe
    looks like you have had a fantastic day , the beach looked amazing we are very jealous .
    The goats looked cute , we are not sure about the drop spiders though dad said eeewwwwwwww !!
    Enjoy tomorrow
    Love and miss you lots
    Dad, mum,ant and Alex

  42. Dear Year 6,
    I know from the regular updates that you are having a fantastic time! We really miss you. School doesn’t seem the same without you – it feels empty! I didn’t realize how much I relied on Year 6 to do little jobs here and there so thank you for all you’ve done this year.
    Have a great time for the rest of your residential.
    Mrs McKinlay

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