Break In!

This is not what we expected to be reporting as our first school blog entry.

Unfortunately, on Sunday evening, we had a break in into school and three of the children’s laptops were stolen. Police have been informed and this afternoon we had a Crime Scene Investigator in school dusting the area for fingerprints and we are hopeful that the laptops will be recovered.

School would be grateful for any information regarding this matter if it should come to light.

DSCN1965 DSCN1966

2 thoughts on “Break In!

  1. Wow! I did not expect to come to school to find this! I think it was definitely the main conversation in class today. I can’t believe people would actually break in to the school and do such a thing. I really do hope the police find out who did it pretty soon because we really want our laptops back.
    By Leah R

  2. It was a scary but exciting day for me!! As I want to be a Crime scene investigator when I am older!!! If anybody knows anything , let us know we want them back!!!…. Hope the police find them …

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