France – Day 5

Our final day in France included a visit to the snail farm before setting off back to the ferry. The children were very brave and most had a hold of a snail and also tried the lovely snail pate and a whole snail in a pastry shell. It was very nice but so much garlic at 9.30am meant that we had to give out lots of mints on the coach!

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  1. Tiana says:

    Goodbye st marys hope everyone has a great summer and enjoys the
    Sun if we get it(hopefully) and a big thank you to all staff
    Who have teached us in the past and espessially
    Mrs Richardson,Mrs crouch and Mrs Daniels &not forgetting
    Mrs Sherlock you are my favourite teachers
    Ssshhh no you’re all the best and good luck to next years
    Y6s I did not tell Mrs travers thanks please can you and again thank you
    So much thanks for taking us. France

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