Visit from otley the elephant

Otley the elephant came to a whole school assembly to talk about recycling.

We learnt that we need to separate our rubbish to put into the correct recycling bins.

We also learnt that only plastic bottles are allowed in the purple plastic bin otherwise they would go into the black household rubbish bin.

We all enjoyed this visit.  



While the sun was shining year 3 took the opportunity to go outside and look at their shadows.

Children made lots of different shapes, some children made butterflies.

A lovely morning out in the sunshine while learning at the same time.

Germs (Joseph Lister)

In science week we have been learning about the scientist Joseph Lister he was famous for finding something that would save millions of lives.

Joseph Lister explained to people all about the spread of germs and how to stop it. he explained that washing with water was not enough to get rid of germs and that they needed to wash well with soap and water. These

Look at our hands!!!!

are some pictures to show our experiment.